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Victorious Praying Women Minisyry

Who We Are

Our Ministry

Victorious praying women ministry (VPWM) is an occupational force by God to release God’s power through prayer. It opens the doorway to the dynamic that shakes, scatters and inflicts violence to the world of darkness. Read More>>

Our Platforms

For every unique woman that walks through our doors, we have different platforms and groups that suit her specific needs; such as the Thriving Business Women Fellowship, etc.. Read More>>

Our Mission

Our Mission is to lose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to destroy long bondage in order to set the oppressed free, to rebuild the ancient ruins and repair broken walls, to empower to get wealth, To feed the hungry and.. Read More>>

Our Leadership Team

Our Chief Servant, Ministers and Unit Heads are the core of our leadership team. They run different ministries with many gifted and dedicated women supporting them. The collective effort has made our ministry very impactful. Read More>>

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