The Key Words are SACRIFICE and GIVING.
There is no SACRIFICE without GIVING. Our sacrifices are expressed through giving.

A productive life is all about the measure and the extent of the sacrifice that such life can give.
How productive they become is directly connected to their giving. LIFE is really all about SACRIFICE”

AN ANALOGY: As Parents, when we have small packs of cereals, and we want to have breakfast, the kids are usually allowed to take first, then Dad, and then Mum. Mum usually defers for the rest of the family. So it is, with the journey of life. The journey of life is that of SACRIFICES. Even though we love comfort as humans, we have people do stuffs for us. We aspire to become great.

Paying the price for a high calling is SACRIFICE! It is the giving of what is precious to get what is much more precious.

Today, our heart is being stirred to become more deliberate people in life. Nothing will just happen to you. We need to realize, our every second of existence has a meaning. Life is not a casual walk, it is a well thought out plan by God. We need to come into maturity. We need to be very conscious of things happening around us, especially spiritual wise.

Gen 22v 1-18.
God will push you far, He will DRIVE you so far that you’ll think He is a wicked God. Sacrifices are things that will drive you nuts. God will always place a demand upon you to prove you. Sacrifices are the tests we take in life. Be conscious to know that there is something called SPIRITUAL. You must live the script that your owner wrote, because you didn’t bring yourself to this side of the divide. When God places a demand on you, IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!… because in your blessing, other people must be blessed. You’ve got to be ready to make a sacrifice for your life.

Psalm 50v5. God only recognizes Covenant by Sacrifice! (Life is not just about seeing.) Sometimes when a sacrifice is placed on us, who knows what price we are paying, or who we are making the sacrifice for. It could be for our seeds. God wants to see our EQUITY PARTICIPATION.

The Ultimate Sacrifice is Jesus!

PRAYER POINT: You that paid the sacrifice for this- (His shed Blood and Body), give me the grace to pay the sacrifice for my life.

Shared by Sis Monilade

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